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Puppy Status

Name Status Gender
Tony Sold Male
Peter Sold Male
Bruce Sold Male
Thor Sold Male
Carol Sold Female
Kamala Sold Female
Gamora Sold Female
Natasha Sold Female
Wanda Sold Female
Shuri Sold Female
Janet Sold Female

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12/19/2018 Update
Bruce has found his forever home! Yay!

12/15/2018 Update
We're getting to know these pups (p)up close and personal! They're all very sweet and love to be held. We had a professional photographer come take some pictures of each one. We're currently working on getting them onto the site ASAP!

12/7/2018 Update
These puppies are some serious troopers. They are handling our kitchen remodel like pros. They would make great construction-site dogs :). On another note, the puppies are starting to walk, open their eyes, and play. They are SO soft and fluffy!!!

11/23/2018 Update
All 11 Golden Retrievers have been named. Our kids thought it would be fun to name them after Marvel characters. The names and their color-coordinated collars are available on the Pupcam livestream.

11/18/2018 Update:
11 Puppies were born today! All are healthy and happy! Lily is doing well and loves each one. Check our livestream on the Pupcam tab or click here.